this is probably the second to last post of integrationsresistent. we are still on hiatus and this will probably not change anymore.
but we still uploaded the live recordings from our gig at the awesome l’écluse squat reims. it was at the later part of our last tour, so you can hear that we are already quite fucked up, but we still played a good set.
3/5 of us started a new band together…


Ok, the last update is quite a while ago. So what was going on?
The show in Nürtingen was really nice. We never had heard of this town before, so it was even nicer to meet such great people an such a cool place. We can just recommend it to every touring band if you are in that area(close to stuttgart. south/west germany).

And then there was the Never Conform Festival IX. It was the 4th time for our drummer to play this festival and the first time for IR and it was fucking great as always! Awesome food, sweetest people ever and (disco)party till you drop. It was also nice to see so many old and new friends.

Big hugs and thanx to everyone who made this weekend possible! Special thanx to our driver!

And then there was the show with Cloud Rat, Lich and Deathseeker… It was great! And we were super happy to play a show with such nice lovely people and such fantastic bands. We are talking about Cloud Rat and Lich because Death Seeker did not talk to anyone and did not seem to happy to play and also left right after the show. So we cant say much about them…

After this show we decided to take a break due personal reasons. Seeing it was the first year of IR we had a quite active year with almost 30 shows and we had an amazing time…

I often have the feeling we cant say thanx often enough to all you beautiful great people, who supported us on this overwhelming adventure…

till now we are on hiatus…

love & rage!

This weekend in Feldkirch and Winthertur was a blast! We had so much fun and are happy that we were part of the 16 years Gisi Festival. Thanks to everyone who made this possible and for dancing with us into the morning hours.

Just another short update! We were able to confirm the show in the venster on the 17th of march with LICH and CLOUD RAT. hell yeah!

the show got moved to the ekh!

This time a quite late update, but we all needed a break. The show in Graz was really good and as always nice and great people. So thanx to everyone. We played a really good set, what was great after the Linz disaster!
For the last weeks we have been a bit lazy, but we got invited to two festivals. First the 16 years Gisi Squat festival in Winterthur in the start of february and the Never Conform Festival in the start of march. We were able to confirm both of them and now we are looking for shows on the way there and back. So any help is welcome!

Due to health reasons we had to play the show in linz with iskra and ahna without our bassplayer. But it was great to play with such amazing bands and people together on a show. We were just a bit too wasted to play a prober set… So we were not so happy with the show, but yeah it happens… We make it up next time!
Today we play in graz with bluatwatschn and absurdo and we are really excited about it!
So see you there!

So, we are back from tour for about one week and it was really awesome! We had some changes because some shows got cancelled last minute. But we were able find a last last minute show in reims for the 7th what was really great. For other shows we could not find replacements, so we had 3 days off in the end.
Thank you to everyone who made this possible by hosting us, showing up, feding us, keeping this amazing diy spaces and diy hc punk alive. A special thanx in this place for the nice people from ashkara, we had the pleasure to play 3 shows together.

This week we gonna play with Iskra and Ahna this thursday in Linz and on the 16th of november we play with Absurdo and Bluatwatschn in Graz and  we are really excited about it.

And we put the newly mixed songs on the website. Unfortunately we did not have the time to record our stuff new but we are way more happy with the sound of the new mixed songs. Yeah it is still a diy practice room recording…

The t-shirts and patches are printed and the “mastering” of the songs is done. Today we are going to finish the covers for the CD-Rs. We are still looking for a driver for the tour, so please get in contact if you are interested. All shows except the 7th of october are booked and we are excited.

We are still looking for shows, especially for the 28th of september? help! anyone? And for the 1st and 7th of october!
But we gonna play on the 25th of october with iskra in linz, so be there!
Today more printing and mastering of the songs and hopefully soon, we will be ready for the tour…

Woh, our tour keeps changing and by now most of the shows are fixed… thanx to everyone for helping us out and writing emails for us and looking for shows were we could join in. Actually we cant thank you enough, and it feels good to be part of this network of friends called diy punk…
We started printing patches for the tour today and hopefully t-shirts by the start of next week. We like the artwork quite a lot and we hope you will too. There is still shits loads to do, till the tour starts on thursday but we are really looking forward to it and hopefully see you at one of the shows.

Its a while ago since the last post. We are still booking our tour and a few shows got cancelled in the last days… so we are still need some more help with shows! so if you can and want to help us we would really appreaciate it. We dont need much, basically just electricity and a pa for vocals… we have a whole backline with us and are happy to share it with other bands… maybe there are shows were we could hop on or something…


We ended up playing a spontaneous show at this years ekh haus und hoffest, because demenzia kolektiva had to cancel.
We had lots of fun, but played a shitty set, but all of us were already pretty destroyed at the time we got to know that we play… We also did not practice too much in the last weeks. As rumors has it, because some of us were busy preparing an avril lavigne cover band…


Our first tiny weekend trip was a blast, but far too short. We had a wonderful time.
Met new and old friends, got amazing food and had shitloads of fun. We even managed to find some time to go to the beach at the seaside and eating awesome vegan ice cream on the way back. Thanx to the lovely people in pivka and graz for making this weekend possible and being so great to us.
Hugs and kisses!


Fast and frightening was really nice, even we fucked up a bit and did not play as good as we could. Thanx to the organizers for everthing!

This weekend we gonna play in Pivka and Graz. So be there!
Graz will be a benefit for the activists of the PUSSY RIOT collective. Its great to play shows, but it is even greater to play and support benefits! so be there twice!

our passion for freedom is stronger than any prison!

Today Fast and frightening! Hell Yeah!
And a few more shows for the tour got confirmed! Thank you very much!
But we still need some help in the benelux area! So please get in contact with us if you can help us!

What is one of the worst things that can happen while booking a tour?

Your email address stops working for about 2 weeks and you could not get any mails which where sent in those 2 weeks to your address!

Dear people, if you wrote to us in the last 2 weeks, please write again.

Friday we are going to play at the fast and frightening. Next week graz and pivka!
We are really looking forward to these shows!

Good news!
We got some more shows confirmed for our autumn tour but we still need some help with some of the gigs. So get in contact if you want to help us!

We finally could confirm that we play the great fast and frightening festival. It is a small diy festival in the south of austria, with nice ideas and lovely people behind it. So we are very happy to be part of this.

We booked a nice weekend by friends in the middle of june. And we are really looking forward to play these shows. It is just so nice to know that there are people in a lot of cities/towns/villages/wherever all around who share the same ideas and passions about diy, punk and other stuff and make you feel home whenever you go there.

So far, so good! And see you on the road!


So, finally the website is up and running(but still needs quite some work!) and also our first practice room recordings are online! so check them out!
And we are excited to start to book our autumntour! And also in the middle of june we probably gonna play a show in graz and slovenia and maybe hungary. But lets see.

We could still use some help with som of the shows! So if you can help us or know anyone who can please get in contact!